Payroll has never been easier

PAYBYPERIOD is a cloud-based system which provide businesses with a service that are scalable and easily integrated with your accounting software. The services handles the collecting and reporting of all payroll-related taxes and promote self-service to employees and management with the objectives to deliver accurate information when needed.

PAYBYPERIOD is a payroll platform that offers all the tools and features required for your businesses to manage your payroll. The payroll platform is user-friendly and since the service is cloud-based, you can log into the system to run and review your payroll from anywhere and anytime.

PAYBYPERIOD is a cloud-based service. It is designed to process your payroll efficient and effective and gains more control over your workforce:

  • Paperless approval processes ( Leave request, authorized and processing)
  • Encourage employee self-service ( request history pays lips, vacation days leave and leave request)
  • Flexible to set-up
  • Reporting feature as tax reporting, audits reports
  • Integrate time clock – time and attendance

Being a true cloud solution, there’s no need to install any software. You access PAYBYPERIOD straight from your internet browser.


Key features

  • Paperless leave approvals (request leave, approved and processing)
  • Self-service to employees (login to employees to view their own payslip and history)
  • Simple and flexible to use no installation required
  • Updated with the current taxed regulation
  • Budget and taxed reporting availability
  • Strong authorization approval process
  • E-mail notifications

Key features

  • Payroll authorization level
  • Advanced reporting
  • Multi Currency
  • Tax reporting
  • Payslips
  • Online approval process (Paperless approval process).

Key features

  • Hr authorization level
  • Automate employee loans withholding
  • Vacation leave entitlements can automatically increment
  • Time and attendance
  • Work time schedule
  • Online approval process (Paperless approval process)


Key features

  • Personal Profile
  • Payslip history
  • Vacation request and authorization notification.